Actors Strike Imminent


Hollywood really is in deep, deep doo-doo right now. The streaming business model looks to be failing, but nobody is turning out for some big franchise movies this summer at theaters. A whole generation of potential customers chooses instead to watch girls miming on TikTok and other people playing video games on YouTube. Mega-franchises like Star Wars and the MCU are struggling. Questions marks hover over the new DCU. Writers are on strike, meaning no new content could come down the pipeline even if somebody could create it. Now, in less than 24 hours, the actors go on strike too.


Actors… doing acting


A last-ditch attempt has been made to resolve the issues. SAG-AFTRA has agreed to federal mediation as a last roll of the dice to break the negotiation deadlock with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

The AMPTP can’t pay much more, just like the writers can’t be paid much more, because movies and TV shows are already about 30% too expensive, profitability is in the toilet at this level, and inflation is just going to push costs up even more. It’s a vicious circle of, as we said, doo-doo.



The contract between the parties expires at 11:59 tonight, Weds 12th July. When that expires, the strike begins. The union did not mince its words in a statement last night:

“We will not be distracted from negotiating in good faith to secure a fair and just deal by the expiration of our agreement. We are committed to the negotiating process and will explore and exhaust every possible opportunity to make a deal, however we are not confident that the employers have any intention of bargaining toward an agreement.


The AMPTP has abused our trust and damaged the respect we have for them in this process. We will not be manipulated by this cynical ploy to engineer an extension when the companies have had more than enough time to make a fair deal.


SAG-AFTRA represents performers. We are here to get a deal that ensures our members can earn a living wage in our expansive industry we help make possible with our work. The AMPTP can make this happen at any time. They know what our members need and when they bring that to the table, we will be listening, but it’s important to know – time is running out.”

SAG-AFTRA has a 98% “yes” vote from members authorizing the strike. If a deal is not secured, everything shuts at midnight. Every TV show, every movie. It’s all done. No screen tests, no casting calls. Nothing. The industry is basically shuttered.

The last actor’s strike in 2000 led to the discovery of reality television. Who knows what horrors await us this time?


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