Yes I know I already did a review of Dashcam last year but the old review went Tango Uniform with the old website. So I’m talking about it again because I fuckin’ loved it. In fact, Dashcam was my favorite movie that year and it ties in with my all-time favorite horror movie.

I first saw this movie a few months before it came out via a screener sent to me by the star of the film, Annie Hardy. She had been talking about it and I told her I couldn’t wait to see it. Annie’s personality is VERY BASED and her casting turned out to be controversial and made a lot of Hollywood big mad. Since the movie came out and a lot of people in LA saw a slightly amped-up version of Annie’s personality, she has suffered professionally in her main career as a musician for it. So if my review of the movie even slightly makes you interested in it, please rent it and check it out. Annie certainly could use and deserves a signal boost.




The movie is a unique, kinda found footage movie. I know what you are gonna say already but stop. It is not shaky came. It is presented as being live-streamed on YouTube via Annie’s phone. It isn’t Blair Witch Project.

Annie, who in the film is basically Annie is a slightly hyper-real version of herself. She goes to the UK to visit a friend during the lockdown to get away from oppressive LA. She meets an old bandmate friend who is doing Uber Eats deliveries. They have a bit of an argument and Annie takes off in his car as a prank and starts to do some of his food pick-ups while streaming, She ends up picking up a very strange woman and things turn very wild from there.

To spoil the plot a little bit, the woman Annie picks up has a Lovecraftian presence inside of her that makes her pretty nasty and murderous. Annie and her friend get mixed up with it and the apparent cult of crazies and things get very bloody and violent.


Dashcam 1


The movie is a very dark horror comedy. Heavy on the dark comedy. It does have some horrific moments in it with some great effects but it also has an equal layer of gallows humor in it. It is lots of fun. A lot of Hollywood hated Annie’s character in the film for a lot of supposed reasons but after 5 minutes you will know why, It has more to do with her stance on Covid, masks, the lockdown, and her politics than it does anything else, to be honest.

Dashcam‘s horror and comedy tone very much made me think of Return Of The Living Dead. The perfect mix of the two. I’m not saying it is in the same level of MasterClass as ROTLD but I am saying I have just as much fun watching it.




I’m not going to post a trailer this time because it was not done well and doesn’t do the movie justice. It’s a classic case of the PR people not knowing how to properly market a film that is different. Instead here is an interview me and Phil did with Annie talking about the movie. If you like it and you like Annie she is the primary of a band called Giant Drag that I have been a big fan of since 2005 or 06. Full disclosure, I am a little biased as Annie is a bit of a friend but don’t let that stop you from checking it out.

A final bit to the interview is that afterward, Phil said he meant to ask Annie to do a rap about mine and his names as she does in the hilarious end credit of the film. I asked her about it later that night and she admitted she would have been too embarrassed to do it in front of us but said she would do it and record it for us eventually.





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