Silent Night

31 Days Of Horror: SILENT NIGHT 2012

Silent Night is a 2012 remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night. Unlike most remakes, it’s pretty damned good. This is a remake done right. The concept of a killer maniac dressed as Santa running loose in a town is kept in place, as is a past trauma as his motive. For extra cool points, the plot of the remake is based on real events called the Covina Massacre.

The Santa killer in Silent Night has an edge over Billy though. He has a much bigger body count and he is a lot more creative and vicious!


Silent Night


The story starts with the brutal murder of a local town cop and the married woman he is having an affair with. A new female (it is a 2012 movie after all) is sent to the scene and finds the bodies. The investigation starts and in the following days, Santa goes on a real masterclass of a murder rampage.

The famous impaling on deer horns scenes is created, and a whore is shoved into a wood chipper feet first. A Mayor and a Reverend get wasted and Malcolm McDowell ends up on the wrong side of a flamethrower. it’s all pretty awesome.


Silent Night


The problem/not problem with slasher/maniac killer movies is that it’s hard to talk about them in a way to get you interested in seeing them without spoiling all the kill scenes. The back story and reasoning for the killings don’t really matter, do they?

We know this story already. Something happened to some poor slob years ago and now he’s back for revenge. It doesn’t really matter, fans of this kind of film know exactly what they are getting and look forward to it.

The kill count in Silent Night is higher and more creative than in the original film that inspired it. That is always a huge plus. The killer isn’t as charismatic as Billy in this one. He is much creepier though. He wears a mask and has body language that reminds you of Jason Voorhees. It makes him seem very inhuman and focused on his mission of mayhem. The downside is the use of CGI gore. Sad Panda. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s a helluva lot of fun.



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