A MUMMY Prequel In The Works?

I’m going to say it, but The Mummy (1999) is one of the best summer blockbusters ever! Is it stupid? Yes. But is it fun? Yes, it is tremendously fun. There were a couple of sequels, but nothing outstanding.

Universal had an idea to launch the Dark Universe, so The Mummy had a remake in 2017. It starred Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella and it was, what’s the word…crap. That’s me being nice about it.

Not my mummy!
Not my mummy!


There are a host of classic monsters that Universal owns the rights to, The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, the Wolf Man, Phantom of the Opera and the Hunchback on Notre Dame. At one point, the Dark Universe was planning to cross over all these monsters in an Avengers way.

The Mummy (2017) didn’t perform all that well, so Universal returned to the drawing board. There have been new movies since then, a reimagining of The Invisible Man (2020), Renfield (2023), The Last Voyage of the Demeter (2023) and, most recently, Abigail, about Dracula’s daughter.

None of these last three have anything to tie them together. So if the Dark Universe is still a thing, there’s no evidence of it yet.

Inside Scoop

An industry insider, Daniel Richtman, has revealed that a Mummy prequel is in the works. He stated:

“The Mummy PREQUEL movie now in development at Universal with Wes Tooke writing the script.“

This is rumour control, but it doesn’t mention if this is a prequel to the original 1930s movie, the 1999 or the 2017 version. I’m pretty sure the 1999 version was a prequel, as it told the story of how the Mummy became the Mummy.

People have talked about Fraser coming back, but that’s going to be a lot of CG to de-age him and help him lose a few pounds. Although, I’m up for seeing Patricia Velasquez in more outfits like this.

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