Dave Filoni was to direct, with Jon Favreau producing. However, shortly after the announcement, the figures for The Mandalorian season 3 premiere were revealed by Nielsen. Nielsen reported it only brought in 823 million minutes.Now, as our wonderful friends at Radiodrome would counsel us, beware of RageTubers with an axe to grind against Star Wars, but Renegade’s figures do make sense.The top-rated show was Outer Banks with 2.2 billion minutes. The Mandalorian season 3 was significantly down from the 1.030 billion minutes that The Mandalorian season 2 pulled in. Then things got worse from there by the time Ahsoka rolled around

Ahsoka pulled in 829 million minutes viewed according to Nielsen, across the first two episodes which had a joint debut. By the next week, the drop-off was astonishing. It only pulled in 487 million minutes.

As the online commentator succinctly put it:

“It’s not a matter of Ahsoka of being a good or bad show or whatever your personal opinion is. It’s simply a matter that there aren’t enough eyeballs on it to justify turning this into a $400 million capital expenditure for a theatrical release.


There is no business sense for The Walt Disney Company to allow a major Star Wars theatrical release based in this storyline, the Dave Filoni Star Wars storyline to go to theaters especially helmed by Dave himself. The audience simply isn’t there to justify what would be an over $400 million expense. The global audience that would have to come in to cover those costs would be fairly enormous. You’d need to be getting close to a billion dollars in global box office to do that.

He goes on to say that the show really did not move the needle, and is unlikely to bring in the kind of audience needed to make sense to greenlight a movie project. The Star Wars audience is shrinking, as the current approach turns off the older fan base while failing to replenish them with new viewers and fans. It is now a television experience and doesn’t have the numbers or brand power left anymore to propel it back to the big screen.

This is Disney’s legacy since purchasing Lucasfilm.

All in all, a pretty damning analysis. What do our Outposters think of these figures and conclusion?

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