Like me, you’re probably bitter and twist and hate everything new. It angers up the blood and makes me feel like Clint in Grand Tarino. Every now and then, there is something nice to read about in Hollywoodland, like how fondly Annette O’Toole remembers Christopher Reeve.


Apparently, everyone who ever worked with Reeves had nothing but nice things to say about him. He is described as one of the kindest and generous men in the business. O’Toole was lucky enough to work with him on Superman III.

Talking to MovieWeb, O’Toole, who played Clark’s old flame from high school Lana Lang, recently talked about how nice Reeves was. She recalls a time that he took her to a Simon & Garfunkel concert at Wembley Stadium in London.

“[They] just kind of introduced me to the world as being part of this huge movie. And it was just a wonderful night, and he was so sweet all the time. He couldn’t have been more lovely to me. And it’s a huge, huge loss.”

Many years later, O’Toole went on to play Martha Kent in the TV series Smallville. She said that she had always been a Superman fan.

“I grew up with George Reeves, who was the TV Superman. I was always a fan of comics, I was always a big Superman fan. I loved the whole thing, but I don’t follow it that much anymore. Maybe I’ve had my fill of it, just because I’ve been in the world so much. You know, I’ve played his girlfriend and his mom, so that’s plenty.”

O’Toole was brought in as a stand-in for Lois Lane. Margot Kidder spoke poorly of the behind-the-scenes drama of Superman III. She still held Kidder in high regard though.

Was Christoper Reeves one of the nicest guys in Hollywood? I like to think that he was.


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