Universal Pictures’ latest installment of the Jurassic World franchise is on the fast track at Universal. David Koepp wrote a treatment they liked enough to turbocharge the production. Bullet Train and Atomic Blonde director David Leitch was in their sights to direct, but he turned it down.

Now they have turned to Godzilla, Monsters, and Rogue One director Gareth Edwards.


The Hollywood Reporter claims it is still a priority at Universal, who are working in partnership with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners. A July 2nd 2025 release date is already set, meaning it will be a key summer tentpole. The script is already beyond the treatment phase and is several drafts on from that first idea.

They need somebody comfortable with big effects movies and working within the studio system on major releases that are part of existing franchises. When you put it like that, Edwards has the perfect resume. Filming has to get underway by June at the latest, so activity is going to be advanced on several fronts.

Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Patrick Crowley are producing the new Jurassic World movie that takes place after the events of Jurassic World but doesn’t include any of the cast of either the original movies or their sequel trilogy.

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