AQUAMAN Drama, DC Axe Confirmed

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom was long-rumored as a troubled production. Just how troubled has started to leak out in the last few days. Variety has dropped a bombshell report saying that their own sources and the court documents from the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial confirm things.

Heard’s role was, according to the reports, massively reduced for the sequel due to a “perceived lack of chemistry” between Heard and star Jason Momoa. Heard wasn’t happy with this, and to make matters even worse her then-boyfriend Elon Musk apparently sent an angry letter to Warner Bros. Pictures threatening them with some kind of action if they tried to remove her from the film.


She was kept on, however all but two of her scenes were cut. That isn’t all though. According to allegations from Heard, Momoa showed up on set drunk, dressed as Johnny Depp and attempted to harass her. Trade sources and DC have strongly denied this. All this drama led to a product that was alleged to be so bad, drastic re-shoots were needed. Warner Bros. also deny this and say re-shoots were minimal and standard.

We will find out when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrives in theaters on December 20th.

Variety also handed out more bad news to some DC fans this morning. DCEU / Snyderverse stars Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, and Ezra Miller are out. Fully out. The new DCU will not feature them in any form. So with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill also gone, the Snyderverse has been exorcised completely from the new DC Universe.

This contradicts previous reports that certain characters would cross over to the new world. There were talks that Miler’s The Flash would be able to appear as the key to multiverses, while a new Wonder Woman movie was being developed with Gadot attached. This will not be happening. Aquaman’s story is also now at an end… well, this version at least.


However, the rumors remain that Momoa will be appearing in the new DCU as Lobo and that talks are ongoing. The rumors point to the character having a cameo in the upcoming Superman: Legacy. If the allegations regarding him on the Aquaman set were true, it is highly unlikely Warner Bros. would be considering him for the role, so this would seem to disprove those.

In what will leave James Gunn open to accusations of self-indulgence, it is reported that some of the characters from Peacemaker will make it across to the new DCU.



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