AQUAMAN Keeps On Chugging

Soggy sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was a notorious bomb, right? It sank without a trace at the domestic box office as the DCEU waved a rather limp, and embarrassing farewell. Only it kind of hasn’t.

Domestically it added nearly another $3 million this past weekend, despite being now widely available for digital download and PVOD. It is now closing in on $120 million domestically. Still not a great haul. However internationally it is doing something else entirely.



Taking this international haul into account, quietly and without fanfare, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom just chugged its way past the $400 million mark. It is now sitting at $412.7 million worldwide. This is an important benchmark for one big reason.

As the ever-reliable Dark Horizons reported last night, by passing the $400 million mark, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom has done something that no DCEU movie has managed to do since, incredibly, the first Aquaman all the way back in 2018.

It has easily passed Shazam ($363.5 million), Black Adam with ($390.4 million), and The Flash ($271.3 million). Also since then, we have seen Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey ($201 million), Wonder Woman 1984 ($166.3 million), and The Suicide Squad ($167 million).

Bear in mind this is a movie that Warner Bros. basically abandoned. No premiere, minimal junkets, and no real blockbuster marketing support. It was also savaged by critics.

Yet there it is, topping $400 million and still going.

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