Arnold Schwarzenegger, the action legend, is now working for Netflix as their Chief Action Officer. According to Arnie, no one knows action like he does. Here he is accepting the job.



You have the love the guy for his sense of humour. There are a lot of new shows and movies that this clip is teasing, including:

  • Fubar
  • The Night Agent
  • The Mother
  • Extraction 2
  • The Witcher – Season 3
  • Heart of Stone
  • The Brothers Sun
  • Lift

There are a few on there that I haven’t even heard of, but they look like fun. I did start watching The Mother the other day, but I had to turn it off, Jennifer Lopez is just the worst. I love that, in The Witcher clip, they show Henry Cavil and not Liam Hemsworth in the role.

Now that he is officially the Netflix action officer, he has had some ideas for another of the Hemsworth brother, Chris, and the Extraction movies.



Does this mean Arnie will be doing more promos with some of the other stars for up-and-coming action shows and movies? I can’t see him doing one with Henry Cavil at all, not since he left The Witcher because of ‘creative differences’.

Arnie’s new show, Fubar, is streaming on Netflix now. Has anyone seen it?

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