I know we’re a little behind on this, but Asteroid City is now on streaming. I was looking forward to this since it was Wes Anderson, but I know he can be a little divisive.

Asteroid City is written and directed by Anderson and co-written by Roman Coppola. It stars everyone in the world. OK, not everyone, but it has the usual gang that Anderson likes to work with, plus loads more. Honestly, there are a lot of great actors in this.

The Story

I’m going to keep things spoiler free, but the main theme of the movie is about a small town in middle America, Asteroid City. The town is hosting a science convention, where youngsters are receiving awards for their inventions.

There are a collection of interesting characters that are there at the same time. I honestly can’t go into them all, but everyone is wonderful. I cared about each one of them and their story. At the ceremony, with everyone in attendance, a UFO appears and an alien emerges.

The rest of the story is about how everyone, and the government, deal with this strange event. This is however the tip of the iceberg. You learn from the outset that Asteroid City is in fact a play set in a theatre. Bryan Cranston is the host of the show and tells you of how it was written and directed.

This was an interesting take. Asteroid City and its cast of characters are all in full widescreen and colour. Everything behind the scenes is in 4:3 and black and white. It was nicely done. Obviously, it’s the characters that make the movie and the stories they bring to the table.

The Direction

A lot of movie directors have a style about them. Michael Bay loves to move his camera around huge explosions. Nicholas Winding Refn likes long complex shots and is very styled. Anderson has his style. I don’t know what you call it, but you know what to expect.

Asteroid City is very much a Wes Anderson movie. In fact, it’s probably the most Wes Anderson movie to date. Some of the shots are wonderfully complex but simple at the same time. Technically, this a very, very well-made movie.

The cast does an excellent job with the great script. It’s interesting to see everyone acting their socks off and enjoying the characters they play. As I understand, Anderson can be meticulous with his direction, but the fact that he works with the same actors a lot, means they trust him.

The Music

I have to mention the music of Asteroid City. I want to say most of it is Blur Grass, which I first discovered in Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas. I’m old school with music like this, simple songs for a simple time (and for a simple mind, like mine). There were a good few songs I recognised and liked them.


You either love or hate Anderson’s work. I will admit, I haven’t seen the last couple of movies he did since I just never got around to them. I was looking forward to this though as it did look good. I know I have to ‘be in the mood’ for an Anderson movie. He doesn’t make the type of film you can shut your brain off to.

One question that does need answering is, does Scarlett get her norks out? Yes, yes she does. However, the scene is very quick and slightly out of focus. It is full-frontal though. If you wanted a longer scene, may I suggest Under the Skin, you dirty pervert.

If you pay attention to Asteroid City, you are rewarded. There are moments I found myself chuckling at, with little, simple bits of humour that really landed well. You can describe his movies as ‘quirky’ and this is very, very quirky.

Quirky is good though, it’s intelligent, funny and something a little different from movies with special effects and cameras flying around every two seconds. It was refreshing to watch and I would happily sit down and watch it again.

Asteroid City is now on streaming.

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