The internet has been all dizzy with rumor and speculation over the last couple of days about Avengers: Secret Wars. As usual, this is unsubstantiated online chatter that is being picked up on and amplified, including by us! As you know, that means it needs one of these:

The sixth Avengers movie is currently scheduled for May 2027, following the fifth entry – Avengers: The Kang Dynasty – which arrives in May 2026. Sister Hulk will assemble with Substitute Captain America, Not-Iron Man, Black Panthress, and… Ant-Man to deliver all the thrills and spill of a sidekick team-up movie and leave you wistfully remembering the heady days of Infinity War and Endgame before deciding to go and do something other than go to the movies.

It seems like Marvel Studios might have realized they have this problem on their hands and are trying to do something about it. The online rumors mentioned that Deadpool 3 will actually be integral and set up some of the foundations for the doubleheader. That isn’t the biggest rumor, though.


Online scooper DanielRPK has said there are three names in the running to direct Secret Wars. Two of them are Sam Raimi and Shawn Levy. Raimi most recently played in the Marvel sandbox with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Levy is directing Deadpool 3.

The big news is the third name in the frame, and apparent Marvel favorite, is none other than Gravity and Children of Men helmer Alfonso Cuaron.


Shawn Levy was asked about the reports by ET Canada, and had only this to say:

“I read that rumour, and that’s all I’m gonna say.”

Marvel won’t announce any potential director while the strikes remain on.

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