One-half of the famed Bill and Ted duo, Alex Winter, says writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson have come up with some ideas for a fourth movie in the franchise.

The franchise began way, way, way back in 1989 with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and launched Keanu Reeves into the world, pre-Speed. Then Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey gave us William Sadler’s excellent portrayal of Death. 2020’s third installment – Bill and Ted Face the Music – was less well received by fans.


Winter, who plays Bill S. Preston Esq. was on the The Sarah O’Connell Show and he said Solomon and Matheson are currently working on an idea, and that both he and Keanu Reeves liked the idea:

“We’re tinkering with a fourth movie idea that all of us like, and the guys are going to write, so we’ll see. It takes us time to get these things going, and we never want to do them unless they’re great.


They [Solomon, Matheson, co-star Keanu Reeves] feel the same way, it has to be right. We love [the Bill & Ted movies] because they’re oddball, and they’re not typical mainstream films. They’ve never been cash-grab movies; nobody has gotten rich off the Bill and Ted series. We really do make them sincerely from a place of love and interest.


There’s a really good idea that the writers came up with for a fourth that’s kind of obvious. I don’t want to give it away – I can’t give it away because I would be drawn and quartered – but it is a really good idea, an obvious idea. It will get written, and we’ll see if we can actually get it made.”

Winter revealed the comments whilst out promoting the horror comedy Destroy All Neighbors. That project is available now in cinemas or on Shudder.

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