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BLUE BEETLE Director Shot Down

There has been a lot of big talk about Blue Beetle and its place in the new DCU lately. The movie may have been created for HBO Max, as part of their now-canceled shift into original DCEU content, but since then noises coming out of DC Studios have talked about this being a carry-over. Well, hold your horses there, because it is on track to crater.


Director Angel Manuel Soto always had high hopes for the franchise, and spoke of it as being the first chapter in a trilogy of movies. He said in an interview:

“Of course, we can’t put everything in one movie, and that’s why this is the first act of a bigger saga, there’s so much more to be said that I’m really looking forward to saying.”

With Blue Beetle currently looking at an opening weekend of less than $20 million, we would estimate its chances of getting a trilogy are about the same as the chances of Meg 2 winning Best Picture. The director has also been wrong about something else this week. In the same interview with, Soto talked about pitching a Bane movie to Warner Bros.

He confirmed some of his ideas were eventually used for Blue Beetle‘s villain Carapax, and hinted that both characters hail from Pago Island.

“It feels like he’s very misunderstood. We are used to being introduced to the world in movies as villains. It’s almost a given that we’re born that way. When we talk about the history of Latin America, nobody dares to question what happened before.”

He went on to say Bane represents the unknown, or forgotten, or brushed under the rug of interventionism n Latin America and the Caribbean. This viewpoint was challenged online by other DC fans. Then the creator of Bane himself, Graham Nolan, became involved and called out this point of view as wholly incorrect.


Ooops! Looks like attempting to insert intersectionality into absolutely everything does have some limits after all. Blue Beetle is set to be released in theaters on August 18th and potentially become another harbinger of doom for cape movies.

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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost