Online gaming has a lot to answer for. Not only has it given us the cancer of DLC, loot crates, and in-game purchases, but it has also allowed lazy developers to systematically neglect the campaigns. Why bother to create compelling characters, decent storylines, and challenging missions when you can just expect gamers to create their own in a massive multiplayer arena? Call Of Duty appears to be the latest victim of this.


Early access users have been venting their frustration with Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, the re-release\re-boot\re-work of the classic title. According to a report in Forbes, the campaign is getting criticized for both its quality and short length.

Normal Call Of Duty campaigns take hours to complete. We know this, because it takes just about all of the day we pull off work by being “sick” on release day to play through. Then there are a few hours left to get your head around the multiplayer areas and start to beef up your arsenal.

Reports from early access players say that they are getting through it in just over three hours. Even worse, early reviews say over half the missions are disappointing, poorly written, and weakly designed open combat style. This all combines to make the entry the weakest of the reboot series that has, so far, been pretty spectacular.


Modern game developers…


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III also reportedly clocks in at up to 200 GB. That’s OK, you didn’t want anything else on your console at the same time, did you? Microsft shenanigans have started already, too, with a full-screen ad for the title being forced on all XBox users whenever they log in to their XBox.

The title is also not going to be a part of Game Pass this year.

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