James Cameron has a thing about submarines. Either going to the depths of the sunken Titanic or shrinking one down and exploring the inside of someone’s bottom. Well, maybe not up their bottom, but certainly into their Innerspace. Fantastic Voyage first hit the screens in 1966 and was a bit of a classic. The story was:

When a blood clot renders a scientist comatose, a submarine and its crew are shrunk and injected into his bloodstream in order to save him.

The original movie starred Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welsh, Edmond O’Brien, Arthur O’Connell, Jean Del Val and Donald Pleasence. It even had small roles for James Brolin and James “Scotty” Doohan. Directed by Richard Fleischer and written by Harry Kleiner, David Duncan and Otto Klement. At the time, the original Fantastic Voyage was the height of special effects.

During a showcase of Cameron’s talent as a graphic artist, he spoke about a remake of the movie. He will be producing with Jon Landau.

“We’ve been developing it for a number of years, and we plan to go ahead with it very soon. Raquel Welch is not available, but we think we can make a pretty good movie.”

I don’t know, Raquel could be a bit of a deal breaker. Sydney Sweeny is known for her cleavage, she could fill in.

Cameron the Artist

On top of talking about Fantastic Voyage, Cameron was showing off some of his etchings at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris. Entitled The Art of James Cameron, it featured over 300 pieces of Cameron’s paintings, etchings and production design he has done over the years.

Cameron mentioned The Terminator and how his own drawings came about:

“I figured we didn’t have the money for a designer, and I could draw, so what the hell. I drew everything, and storyboarded the film very, very meticulously.”

I’m not going to post them all there, but his work is pretty impressive. You can see more of them HERE.

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