You might have hoped it was over. After Terminator: Dark Fate limped its way out of theaters, embarrassed, with a loss of $122.6 million and became one of the biggest box-office flops of all time you would have thought the Terminator franchise was done. When Arnold Schwarzenegger said just last week that he’s done with the movies, it may have cemented that view. We are sorry to report that James Cameron isn’t finished. Appearing at the Dell Technologies World conference yesterday, the Avatar director revealed to the crowd that he started writing a new Terminator movie three months ago.


He reportedly told the crowd that he wants to see how artificial intelligence develops before he goes any further. Cameron is the screenwriter on the first two movies in the franchise, which he directed. He was not involved in Terminator 3, Terminator: Salvation, or Terminator: Genisys. He was credited for “Story by…” and as a producer for Terminator: Dark Fate so you would have thought he has had enough after that debacle.


“Listen, and understand. That Girlboss is out there.”

While working on Avatar: The Way Of Water he had mentioned a full reboot. This may be that reboot. It may also be something else. Cameron remains committed to Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5 so he is unlikely to be in a position to launch a new entry in the franchise until around 2030, at which point we will have all been replaced by AI anyway.

The Terminator is the movie that put James Cameron on the map, and the franchise had generated over $3 billion in revenue to date.

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