Chuck Norris And… Vanilla Ice?

From the files marked “What The F*ck!?” comes news that 1980s action hero, and star of a million jokes, Chuck Norris is coming back to the screen. He will be joined by 1990s rapper Vanilla Ice for action-comedy Zombie Plane.

Yes, this is real. It isn’t April 1st. We are not making this up. Things get even weirder, as it turns out they will be joined by Australian singer and actress Sophie Monk, from the girl band Bardot straight from the late 1990s.

Bardot. Monk in the center.


Zombie Plane comes from Studio Dome’s Entertainment Squad and producer/distributor Radioactive. Radioactive refers to itself as a motion picture production and distribution company at the forefront of independent Australian and New Zealand cinema – “…telling stories representing contemporary Australian and New Zealander culture on the world stage.”

So, of course, this features two Americans and the story centers on a secret government organization that recruits celebrities to be undercover agents, who together must save humanity from an imminent zombie attack.

All three will play versions of themselves. Norris is the “Commander” who has mentored and trained celebrities to become deadly secret agents. Vanilla Ice is one of his creations.


Alright, stop… please stop.


Zombie Plane will reportedly feature a whole slew of celebrity cameos, a 1990s pop soundtrack, and even some new material from Vanilla Ice himself.

Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Pier directed the movie, which was already shot in Australia earlier this year, pre-strikes. Jessica Butland is producing and in a statement, she said:

“Audiences can expect a wild ride. Vanilla Ice is in his element as a secret agent and Chuck Norris having trained him is excellent and it just works.”

It will be pimped out for a US release at the American Film Market in November. Given the lack of content due to the strikes, it just might find a home!


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