Looks like Alex Garland’s Civil War is finding an audience. It topped the U.S. box office with $25.7 million. This makes it the first A24 movie to ever top the box office and sets a new opening weekend record for them.

Hilariously, it also apparently overperformed expectations significantly in… you guessed it… Texas and California. These are the two prime successionist states in the movie about the break-up of the USA.

With a budget of just $50 million, this movie could potentially serve as yet another lesson to Hollywood in how to reacquire profitability in the new world they find themselves in. It is yet to open in most overseas territories.


The dissolution of the United States beat out the trampling of the United States by Titans. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire fell to second in its third weekend on release, with $15.4 million. That puts the total for the monster mash-up at $157.9 million domestically and $435 million worldwide.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire was third with $5.4 million. This puts it at $96 million domestically and $160 million worldwide and places it in danger of making a loss at the box office.

Kung Fu Panda 4 was in fourth with $5.2 million ($452 million worldwide) and Dune Part Two was in fifth with $4.3 million ($683 million). Dune Part Two still powers on, despite being released on PVOD and digital tomorrow.

Monkey Man fell to sixth domestically with $4.1 million after a second-weekend drop of 59%. Dev Patel’s directorial debut is getting rave reviews and has already made more than twice its budget back

The well-reviewed The First Omen came seventh with $3.8 million domestically.

Out this week is intriguing-looking horror Abigail, and next week movies like Challengers, Ordinary Angels, and ISS drop before The Fall Guy lands on May 2nd and potentially fires the starting gun on the summer season. That season will then flow with Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes, Furiosa, The Garfield Movie, Bad Boys 4, The Crow, and Inside Out 2 all following week after week.

Does this promise some good returns at the box office for studios struggling after some lean years?


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