So, it is nearly here. A few more days and we can see what all the fuss is about. Alex Garland’s Civil War opens in cinemas tomorrow and A24 has released a final trailer.

Whatever happens, this movie is set to be talked about. Already those who have seen it are split between appreciating how it remains apolitical in its storytelling, and others who are complaining about the same thing – it being apolitical and not taking sides.

Kind of ironic, as the entire thrust of the movie is to apparently warn against the dangers of polarization.


With 103 reviews counted, the movie currently sits at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, and these reviews echo the split above. There is also a lot of praise for Garland’s direction, particularly the action sequences.

The story follows journalists traveling across an America that, in the near future, has been separated by conflict after several states secede from the Union. They are aiming to make it to DC before opposing armies descend on the city.

Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Nick Offerman, Stephen McKinley, Jesse Plemons, and Sonoya Mizuno co-star in Civil War.

Peter Debruge of Variety says:

“Garland’s the last person to suggest a group hug. As statements go, his powerful vision leaves us shaken, effectively repeating the question that quelled the L.A. riots: Can we all get along?”

Robbie Collin of The Telegraph says it is a five-star movie, and his review says:

“The Ex Machina director’s vision of an imploding America is neither anti-Trump nor anti-woke. Instead it’s as riveting as cinema gets.”

Matt Zoller Seitz, writing for, compares Civil War to films about Western journalists covering the collapse of foreign countries, such as The Year of Living Dangerously and Welcome to Sarajevo, ultimately praising the film as:

“…furiously convincing and disturbing…”

Lovia Gyarkye of The Hollywood Reporter was also highly positive, saying:

“With the precision and length of its violent battle sequences, it’s clear Civil War operates as a clarion call.”

It won’t have escaped some of you that The real American Civil War also began on April 12th, exactly 163 years before the film’s release date.


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