The producers have repeatedly said that they are taking their time over any new adventures for 007. The James Bond team at Eon Productions are remaining tight-lipped about the current state of play, beyond regular pronouncements that they aren’t ready to move forward just yet. We don’t actually believe them.

There is no way they aren’t currently at least having internal meetings and sketching things out. Headshots will be on office walls. Whiteboards and flip charts will be filled with ideas, and potential character and story beats. Some high-level scriptments will at least be on the right desks, even if only to get creative juices flowing.

Their pronouncements also won’t stop the great and the good of British cinema jockeying for position. Among these is Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman. No stranger to the world of espionage characters, she was excellent in her supporting role in The Night Manager, while her most recent turn as a senior figure in British intelligence, Sonya Falsworth in Marvel’s Secret Invasion, was a bright spot in an otherwise largely dour series.


Now she has thrown her hat in the ring for one role in any new Bond movie. In an interview with British Vogue, the Broadchurch actress wants the role of the head of MI6 and Bond’s boss – M.

The interviewer said she reminds them of a younger Judi Dench, and Colman immediately made her play for the part:

“What! I’ve never heard that. Oh, I love that! Well, I’ve got short hair. Oh, my God! The amount of time I have wanted to be M. I’m not sure who I need to call… I know, I met [Barbara Broccoli] once. I wanted to go, ‘Can I be M?’ I must try to be cooler about it. Maybe she reads Vogue? Put that bit in.”

Outside of M, Q, Moneypenny, Tanner, and Leiter as members of the “Bond Family”, contenders for the role of Bond are slowly dropping by the wayside, due to both age and commitment to other projects. As you will know from our Bond On series, covering each of the movies in turn, they used to have a new Bond movie in theaters every 18 months back in the early days, and even as recently as Pierce Brosnan in the Bond role it was every 2 years, on average.

We all slow down with age.

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