Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League was a multi-movie arc dealing with all the loose strands and detailing why Bruce Wayne was having all these visions of a dark future. Other than a few glimpses in his expensively assembled, four-hour cut of Justice League, it seemed highly unlikely we would ever see his vision fulfilled.

The new DC Universe is coming and the Snyderverse, the DCEU, is being completely shelved. Good riddance to most of it, as it had all the hallmarks of studio interference combined with a lack of an overarching plan and strategy.

Suicide Squad-Justice-League

Fans refused to let it die. After feeling that their organized pressure helped bring Zack Snyder’s Justice League over the line and onto Max. They were pushing for Netflix to invest in letting Snyder finish the vision. Clearly an unrealistic expectation for endless reasons, but that never stopped Snyder’s army of fans.

In the latest issue of Empire, Snyder was asked about a single route to fulfilling that vision – going animated. His response:

“Yeah, absolutely. That’d be fun. That’d be cool.”

Snyder being open to it is far removed from it even being a possibility.

Snyder’s Justice League conclusion would have seen Deadshot and Lex Luthor teaming up, with Luthor’s role expanding. The death of Lois Lane would have caused Superman to be corrupted with the anti-life equation, bringing Darkseid into play and creating the Knightmare scenario seen in Bruce’s visions, needing Barry Allen’s Flash to time-travel to resolve the situation.


Clearly, this will never happen in any kind of live-action now. The cast is too big and difficult to assemble, and no studio would fund the franchise dead end with a new iteration starting.

Unlikely as it is, animation would be the only route forward.

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