DEADPOOL 3 Trailer

OK. It’s here. Just arrived. Courtesy of Ryan Reynolds’ own Twitter (or X, whatever it is these days!) the first Deadpool 3 trailer has landed.

It dropped 13 minutes ago and we logged in on a Sunday night just to bring this to you because we love you. Even you… yes, you.


This will be screened at tonight’s sportsball event – the Superb Owl – that is apparently something of a big deal back home in its native country. There are some very big advertisements that sources say are very expensive because they might appear onscreen alongside Taylor Swift.

Deadpool 3 is directed by Shawn Levy, and is one of the most highly anticipated Marvel films in years, and the only one this year.

As he celebrates his birthday with 21st Century Fox family, Deadpool appears to be kidnapped by the TVA and personally invited to join the MCU, which can happen. Things, of course, will not go according to plan, and no doubt Deadpool will have to kill a lot of people.


Deadpool 3 only wrapped filming a few weeks ago, so getting this trailer out so fast is a marketing coup, but Reynolds is massively rich off his mastery of “Fast Marketing” so clearly his expertise are evident here.

Deadpool 3 opens in theaters on July 26th this year.


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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost