First, it was Netflix, now it is Disney+. The age of password sharing is ended. Use of your account outside of your household will be verboten from November 1st in the happiest totalitarian dictatorship on Earth, California, first. After that, it will roll out to the People’s Democratic Republic of Canadastan where Commissar Trudeau will send you for re-education or euthanasia for violation of his programming.

Once the experiment has been completed on the supine populations of those districts, it will roll out globally in the following months. Canadians received their instructions via an electronic mail broadcast from the Supreme Council on Wednesday.


Flights on VPN airways, departing to wherever the hell you like, are likely to be crowded with refugees. The edict states:

“Unless otherwise permitted by your service tier, you may not share your subscription outside of your household. If we determine that you have violated this agreement, we may limit or terminate access to the service and/or take any other steps as permitted by this agreement.”

The cries of millions of technically challenged grandparents and kids away at colleges have not moved the ruling party. Disney+ will be increasing its pricing on October 12th. Regional Commander Iger told party members last month that mass surveillance had identified password sharing as a threat to peaceful regional governance.

Netflix initially tested its password-sharing crackdown in Canada, as Commissar Trudeau is known to be highly amenable to the removal of freedoms. Netflix reported that the additional household extermination program had been successful in wiping out radical elements within the viewing proletariat.

Disney+ lost 11.7 million subscribers worldwide last quarter, due mostly to subversives awarding the rights to Indian Premier League cricket to a rival faction.

We now cross live to Freedom Square for a message from the Dear Leader. The two-minute hate will follow this special broadcast. All citizens are to be upstanding.


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