AI is most definitely changing the world. Outside of writing about movies for the glorious benefit of our beloved Outposters (peace be upon them as superior online movie beings) I have real work to do… out there… in normo world.

Alongside me wondering why my normo suit is so itchy, I have found myself evaluating Microsoft’s rather remarkable Co-Pilot AI plug-in that is fully integrated into Teams and Office 365. I have seen it, with my own eyes, effectively replace an intern, a researcher, a PA, and a Jr. Associate in a single meeting. Another AI product used in a work environment complemented a Scrum Master’s full workflow analysis in mere seconds.

In the world of entertainment, we have already seen it create title sequences for a TV show. Heck, even Outposters experimenting with ChatGPT for fum have shared movie scriptments every bit as good as anything coming out of Hollywood, right here in the Disqus.

This stuff is a big deal.

Now Disney is reportedly beta-testing a new artificial intelligence-powered advertising tool dubbed Magic Words.

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This would have the potential to work alongside the Disney+ and Hulu platforms. According to Reuters it turns the traditional model of advertising per demographic on its head by using AI and machine learning to analyze Disney’s content library down to a component level, looking at the content, brands, images, and most importantly the mood even within a scene.

The information will then be stored as metadata. This will allow brands to play personalized commercials that can fit the mood of specific scenes within a movie or television series. This renders it effectively “contextual advertising” allowing ads to be served at an individual level that should match the mood of the viewer after they have viewed a scene.


“Why is it so hard to make a good Star Wars movie these days?”


It is in beta testing with six advertising companies – Omnicom (OMC), Group M, Dentsu (DNTUF), Horizon Media, IPG Mediabrands (IPG) and Publicis Media (PUBGY). The system had its first public demonstration at CES in Las Vegas last month.

It’s a brave new world, Outposters. I wonder what ads we would have served on this site if it analyzed our mood… actually, don’t answer that!

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