DUNE 2 Worm Ride Scene Revealed

The tracking numbers for Dune Part Two continue to develop, and are fluid. The latest figures show a debut of at least $65 million. That is significantly higher than the first Dune with $41 million. That was with a day-and-date release on HBO Max in a pandemic-restricted world.

However… and this is where the fluidity comes in… other tracking is putting it closer to $80 million, nearly double the original movie. Another key piece of data, reported by Dark Horizons, is the pre-sales. The rate of sales is ahead of Oppenheimer. That movie, according to the report, was tracking at $40-50 million and ended up coming in over $82 million for its debut weekend. If the numbers move like that, Warner Bros. will be thrilled.


In the same report, it is highlighted that this year’s box office is currently tracking 13% behind last year’s as the pipeline of major movies is so dry right now post-pandemic and post-strikes. This means there is pent-up audience demand, and it is in theater owner’s interests to push this hard.

Dune Part One is getting a re-release in theaters, including IMAX and other premium formats, for one week starting tomorrow. As part of this pre-release hype, Warner Bros. has teamed up with Fandango to give an early extended sneak peek at the worm riding sequence from Dune Part Two.

As those of you familiar with the story know, this is a key scene that helps build Paul Atriedes reputation among the Fremen from an outcast and survivor of the Harkonnen attack, to something far more dangerous to the Padishah Emperor.

Dune Part Two hits cinemas on March 1st, and we will be there on opening day for one of the Outpost’s most anticipated movies of the year.

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