DUNE PART ONE Back In Cinemas

Dune Part One was a movie that was made to be seen on the big screen. The scale really came into its own in theaters. Even better was the sound design. Everything from Sardukar’s throat chants to a sandworm sucking down a spice harvester, you felt it in your bones in glorious cinema surround sound if you ventured out to see it at the movie theater.

Unfortunately, many didn’t. Dune Part One was one of the first titles to receive the day-and-date release treatment on HBO Max. As a result, many have only ever seen the movie at home. This makes it’s +$450 million haul even more impressive and explains why we are getting Dune Part Two in less than a month.

If you want to see Part One on the big screen, either to experience it this way or to simply refresh your memory around where we are with the story, now you have a chance.

Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that Dune: Part One is returning to cinemas for a one-week limited engagement starting next Friday, February 9th. The re-release will include a sneak peek of Dune: Part Two ahead of its release on March 1st.


Theaters will be pleased for this, as they are suffering from a total content drought at the moment. Warner Bros. will be happy as it means more cash for little expenditure. Denis Villeneuve will be happy, as it gives fans the chance to see the movie the way he intended. It feels win-win. I might even venture out myself.

Villeneuve has said he has already written a script for a final chapter, Dune Part Three, based on Dune: Messiah. That would wrap up the story of Paul Atriedes and serve as a franchise capper, creating a trilogy.


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