Dune Part Two

DUNE PART THREE Looking Likely

For months everyone involved with Dune has been talking about a potential third instalment. Director Denis Villeneuve said he had already got some of the script written. Hans Zimmer said he had already started writing music. Cast members seemed up for it. Everyone clearly likes playing in the sand of Arrakis.

Now the production company behind the movies is also chiming in.


Speaking to CNBC, Legendary Entertainment CEO Josh Grode was asked if Dune: Messiah might be a possibility, an adaption of Frank Herbert’s second book that follows the events of Dune and Part Two. It is less lengthy than the first novel, so can be covered in a single movie.

Many characters from the first book make a reappearance. Grode says they are good to go when Villeneuve and the talent is:

“We have to have all creative stakeholders aligned and support the vision. I think everybody is very excited and really enjoying this moment and if Denis gets the script right and he feels that he can deliver another experience on par with what we’ve just completed then I don’t see why not.”

In Dune Messiah, twelve years have passed since the events of the opening book, and it serves as something of an inversion to the heroic epic of the first. Parts of Dune Messiah (and its sequel Children of Dune) were written prior to the completion of the first novel itself.

The question is, would normo audiences be ready for the subject matter in the book?

Dune: Part Two is out now and getting critical and financial love.


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