Thanks a lot, striking people! The one movie we were really looking forward to this year, and now it’s not happening in 2023. Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that they are delaying multiple films on their slate, and that includes Legendary Entertainment and Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two.

Dune 2 on the big screen

The sci-fi sequel was to open on November 3rd. In yet another sign that studios are expecting this strike to run and run and run, the prospect of no cast involvement in the publicity has meant it is now pushed back to March 15th, 2024. Dune: Part Two will now occupy both the regular screen and IMAX slots that were previously booked for Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire. The giant monkey and lizard shenanigans now move out to April 12th 2024.

An animated movie we keep forgetting about – Lord of the Rings The War of Rohirrim – is also moving out from that April 12th slot to December 13th, 2024.

In either a sign of massive confidence, or no faith whatsoever (and we can’t decide which) they are keeping Wonka on December 15th, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on December 20th, and The Color Purple on December 25th. How shit does your Christmas have to be before you say:

“Come on kids, let’s go to the movie theater and watch The Color Purple remake!”

Disney now has an empty slot in its sights so there are rumors that The Marvels may move into the empty Dune: Part Two slot to book those IMAX screens. What a swap that is for us! (/sarcasm).

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