EA Announces Lay-Offs, Cancels THE MANDALORIAN

Where one starts, others tend to follow when it comes to corporate layoffs. Microsoft and Sony have slashed staff, and now Electronic Arts just announced their cuts. They will lay off nearly 5% of their workforce – 700 people.

They also announced a reduction in games made based on licensed IP, according to the report on Insider Gaming yesterday.

A first-person video game based on The Mandalorian has been canceled, effective immediately. That was being created by the team behind Titanfall – Respawn Entertainment. Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order will continue.

EA Logo

The game would have seen players in the role of a bounty hunter as they completed missions in several locations from the Star Wars universe to collect bounties. LucasArts veteran Peter Hirschmann was driving the project. He previously worked on Star Wars: Battlefront games and The Force Unleashed series so knew his way around a Star Wars game.

EA will also close Ridgeline Games. That was only recently formed and had been working on the new Battlefield game.

The report says that those inside EA, particularly those working on partially completed games, have been shocked.

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