Some people hate their families so much that they like to go to the movies and sit in silence in a dark room, rather than talk to them. As a result, Christmas can be a surprisingly buoyant market at the movies. With the extended holiday weekend now underway, the early numbers are coming in, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is mirroring The Marvels.

The first Aquaman remains the biggest hit in the DCEU with a haul over $1 billion. When you dig into this, it was because of those crazy foreigns. The international take was more than three times the domestic take. The sequel is also way ahead overseas, with a $43 million domestic opening projected over the four-day holiday, and $41 million internationally expected to rise to $70 million overseas by Christmas day.


$110 million puts it behind the $139 million take of The Flash, a notorious bomb, and level with The Marvels, an even bigger bomb. Turns out audiences simply aren’t interested in watching the death throes of a failed cinematic universe when they know they can grab it on Max in 45 days.

Elsewhere, Wonka is riding high on a strong start and strong word of mouth as it passed $216 million worldwide by Friday meaning, with its predicted long holiday legs, Warner Bros will take a healthy profit.

Migration is headed for third with $18 million, followed by Sidney’s Sweenies starring in Anyone But You with $9 million.

A24’s The Iron Claw has scored an A- CinemaScore and will hit around $8 million.

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