Well, didn’t we have a gay old time at Walker’s International Adoption Centre and Texas AIDS Clinic? My AIDS removal surgery was nearly 28% successful, and now we have three more brown children. Great work, Walker! They shall be put to work on MAIN SITE immediately.

However, we failed to save Bourgeoisie Scum’s phone or, in fact, Bourgeoisie Scum himself. Unfortunately, the whole place had a few members of clientele that maybe weren’t our kind of people. So… onward!

Our tour of Butthole Town continues and as we head across the ring road, further away from Taint Boulevard, we find a place where happiness is just part of the fun.

The Butthole Town Community Centre is maintained by an endowment from Lord Cahuna of Kentsington on the strict condition that it remains far away from the manor house. After all, have you seen what those little bastards can do with their retard strength? They must be kept off the immaculate lawns.


It is here where, every third Tuesday in the month, Carol lovingly lays out the cranyons and unlocks the cupboard where she keeps the special cheese. It’s time for eBob Jr’s favorite time of the month, his Krazy Kommunity Klub.

Here at the KKK, eBob runs the show. He decides what time is nap time and who gets to ride on the special trike. He is the Daddy of the Wing and all of the Lunchables business goes through him. Even with his extra chromosome and iron fist of moderating fun, there is a threat to the KKK.

The KKK is under siege, it’s reputation tarnished by those who don’t think a group of like-minded little retards deserve friendship and a place to call their own.

Ne’er do wells have been hanging around, not even putting the ping pong bats away properly at the end of the evening. If we have to, we will band together and save eBob Jr’s KKK the only way we know how…

eBob can be Ozone, Ray can be Turbo Boogaloo Shrimp, which we guess means that GC is Kelly.


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