Giancarlo Esposito has long been rumored to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The most excellent villain actor was widely tipped to be turning to the side of good, and taking on the role of Professor X in the upcoming MCU reboot of X-Men.

Just appearing on a panel at the CCXP convention in Mexico City, Esposito confirmed he will be appearing in the MCU, but that it will NOT be as Professor X. It’s a different role, and one that is new to the MCU. He also said it is in an installment that is imminent, not one that is years off.

A Deadpool & Wolverine cameo, ahead of The Fantastic Four? It can’t be Doctor Doom if it is a new role in the MCU. So what exactly is it?

Esposito was nominated twice for an Emmy for his performance as Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian. He also appeared in Amazon’s The Boys. His chilling Gus Fring character from Breaking Bad remains a highlight. Recent appearances include Netflix’s The Gentlemen series and the horror movie Abigail.

He will also be in Francis Ford Coppola’s self-funded Megalopolis.

Meanwhile, also in the world of the MCU, a clearer look at the new Captain America costume has been released. It had previously been glimpsed in set photos, but Empire Magazine released the first official look at Anthony Mackie in the new outfit for Captain America: Brave New World.

After donning a white and winged version of the suit in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this is a return to something more traditional.


Speaking of this version of the character, director Julius Onah says that Sam having no superpowers, unlike Rogers, makes this more interesting:

“This is a guy who can break, this is a guy who can bleed. We get to have a lot of fun pushing him to the limit”.

Captain America: Brave New World features the return of The Incredible Hulk stars Tim Blake Nelson and Liv Tyler reprising their roles as Samuel Sterns/Leader and Betty Ross 15 years after their debut.

The film lands in theaters in July next year.

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