Marvel’s continuing creative recovery efforts may have claimed another victim. It is probably fair to say that 2021’s Eternals was the first sign of the wheels really coming off. Despite any criticism of other entries in the MCU for any reason, Eternals was something new – boring.

Despite teasing Blade, introducing Harry Styles into the MCU, giving us Kit Harrington as Black Knight, and leaving a huge corpse embedded in the Earth, it has simply never been referred to again in the MCU. It is almost as if they are embarrassingly trying to brush it all under the rug.


It isn’t just us saying this. Eternals was reviewed poorly and then ushered in the age of the Marvel flop, with Thor: Love and Thunder, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and The Marvels all falling short. Of course, giving fourth sequels and C-tier heroes movies that cost +$300 million doesn’t help.

Now scooper DanielRPK has reported that Marvel Studios has taken some definite action. He claims Marvel’s strategy of fewer risks and more recognizable hits has done for Eternals 2. The sequel has been scrapped.

There will be no further development on any sequel to Eternals. It is simply not in the plans.


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