The Extraction movies are some of life’s simple pleasures. Undemanding, action-packed, featuring a man called Tyler Rake blowing stuff up, shooting people, and punching people through an array of interesting camera angles. They are perfectly pitched to crack open a beer with.

The original Extraction landed in 2020, and was the first major streaming release of the pandemic period. Critics were predictably sniffy, but audiences loved it. It was massive. It became the most streamed movie on Netflix for a long while.


The sequel landed in 2023 and also went huge, while actually winning over the critics to a degree.

Now, Chris Hemsworth is set to return as the ex-Australian SAS, now black ops mercenary, Rake after the finale to Extraction 2 had “sequel” written all over it.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Producer Joe Russo confirmed it is now in active development, director Sam Hargrave will return, and it all just rests of Hemsworth’s schedule now:

“It’s an interesting franchise because he’s a very emotionally wounded character, so there’s good storytelling there I think in respect to his backstory, and, you know, his relationship to violence is one that’s built around self-loathing and guilt. And so, it adds a lot of texture I think, which allows us to tell more stories about him. “

Joe produces alongside his brother Anthony through their AGBO production house. Sydney was locked as a location for Extraction 2 before plans changed. Could they return there for the threequel?

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