Amazon Prime’s new video game adaption Fallout just landed on the streamer, all eight episodes of it at once ready for a binge watch. A few Outposters have already started viewing it, and they are making positive noises.

Expectations are high, as Amazon expects this to do Reacher numbers for them. The reviews from the professionals are holding steady in the mid-90s. As of 7am UK time today, it was at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.


So what are they saying?

“The eight-episode season exists in a vivid and captivating universe that will be familiar to gamers — though knowledge of the franchise isn’t required to enjoy its darkly comic dystopian pleasures.”

Kristen Baldwin, EW

“Bizarre but intensely fun, Fallout is like nothing you’ve ever seen; for that reason alone, you won’t be able to turn away.”

Aramide Tinubu, Variety

“A monumental achievement of sci-fi world-building, presenting an alternately horrifying and exhilarating vision of a United States held together by little more than duct tape and Wonder Glue, unflagging optimism and ultra-violent mercilessness.”

Nick Schager, The Daily Beast

“Finding a tonal balance between the drama and the comedy is a razor’s edge, but ‘Fallout’ makes it look effortless. As a result, spending time in this hardened world is as fun, engaging, and engrossing as the games.”

William Goodman, The Wrap

“The tone, the visuals, the meticulous attention to the detail of the game world is a far cry from some other adaptations-which-will-not-be-named that try to completely blaze their own path. This is extraordinarily faithful to the games.”

Paul Tassi, Forbes

“An arch and overly-familiar series, with enough interesting performances and background details to keep it from being a waste of time, but not enough spark of its own to be fully satisfying.”

Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone

“At its liveliest, the sci-fi adventure captures the fun of simply getting to explore a strange new world, meeting colorful characters, and going down mysterious rabbit holes. But the lack of urgency also means its eight hours take an awfully long time to get where it’s going.”

Angie Han, THR

Ella Purnell plays vault-dweller Lucy, with Walton Goggins as The Ghoul, and Kyle MacLachlan as Overseer Hank.

Fallout is available right now on Amazon Prime.

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