Filming For HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Continues

The strikes are now settling into a stalemate and production across the world remains halted. The WGA and SAF-AFTRA remain deadlocked with studios and associations over pay and terms. However, not everything is halted. Talent in the UK is covered by their own union, Equity, and existing agreements are in place for these productions. The second season of House Of The Dragon is one of these productions.

While actors and writers form picket lines in the USA, over in Surrey in Jolly Ol’ England, a giant battle scene is being filmed and production on the series continues due to the overwhelming amount of UK cast and crew. Warner Bros. studio complex at Leavesden, home of Harry Potter, remains the main production base for the show. A location shoot is underway right now in Bourne Woods, Surrey, just outside London.


Bourne Woods – Dragon free since 1986


The shoot is a major battle sequence. According to Twitter account Redanian Intelligence, this is the Battle Of Rook’s Rest, which will take place in the fourth episode of the upcoming season. In Westeros history, the battle sees Ser Criston Cole, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard for King Aegon II Targaryen, marching an army to the castle of Rook’s Rest held by Lord Staunton, who remains loyal to Rhaenyra. Dragon riders face off as two armies clash.


According to the report, this is the final location shoot required to finish up the series. The studio shooting will continue in time for the planned completion at the end of October. House Of The Dragon season two will hit the streamer in 2024. Filming started in April and the WGA strike has not affected the production, with scripts completed before the writers walked out.


“Shut your f*cking face Uncle f*cker….”


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