Fly Me to the Moon sees Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum preparing to land on the moon. If not landing on it, faking it. Here is a trailer.

I’m going to say this, but Fly Me to the Moon looks pretty funny. I like how they made a joke about Kubrick, I chuckled at that. The story is:

Marketing maven Kelly Jones wreaks havoc on launch director Cole Davis’s already difficult task. When the White House deems the mission too important to fail, Jones is directed to stage a fake moon landing as back-up.

Fly Me to the Moon stars Johansson, Tatum, Woody Harrelson, Jim Rach, Ray Romano, Peter Jacobson, Joe Chrest and Colin Woodell. Greg Berlanti is directing and Keenan Flynn, Rose Gilroy and Bill Kirstein are the writers.

Apple Original Film has produced the movie and will have a theatrical release, followed by streaming on Apple. Berlanti spoke about the movie:

“The inspiration for this story was to craft a big, fun, smart original movie around whether or not the American government could have possibly faked the Apollo 11 moon landing, which is still the most-watched live TV event in the history of the world and has since become one of the most talked about conspiracy theories.“

Berlanti is known for writing and producing a lot of the DC Universe and directed Life As We Know It.

As we all know, the moon landings were fake. Stanley Kubrick was brought in to direct the footage, but he is such a perfectionist, that he wanted it all filmed on location. Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week.

Fly Me to the Moon will be in theatres 12th July, then later on streaming.

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