You can’t keep a good series down. Many have tried to drown the Simpsons, but it keeps plodding along. Now it looks like Matt Groening’s other big show, Futurama is making a comeback.

A Futurama revival is set to head to Hulu this July. It will be a ten-episode season, bringing back Philip J Fry, Leela, Bender and the rest of the crew.


The writers for the first episode are Groening, David X Cohen, and Patric M Verrone, all of which have been writers for the series for a long time. They know the characters and the know their audience. Reports say that the new series will have a bigger love story for Fry and Leela, more from Nibbler’s litter box and the whereabouts of Amy and Kif’s tadpoles. They will also deal with a new pandemic in town, vaccines, Bitcoin, cancel culture, and streaming TV.

That last lot is a little bit formulaic, but it’s covering all the trendy topics.

Futurama hasn’t been on our screens for 10 years. It’s gone through cancellation, moving from Fox to Comedy Central and then finally being put in a cryogenic chamber. Only to be thawed out when executives run out of any new ideas.

Hulu and Disney+ have ordered 20 episodes, so at least two seasons. Who knows if there will be more after that?

Futurama will be streaming on 24th July on Hulu and Disney+.

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