Paramount took to the floor at CinemaCon in Las Vegas yesterday and they showed off Sonic the Hedgehog 3, featuring a more rotund Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik, along with the debut of Shadow.

They also showed the adorable Naomi Scott as the lead in Smile 2, where she plays a pop star targetted by the smiling demon. In an industry surrounded by sycophants with fake smiles already, how can she tell who is who? This premise is at the center of the plot.


They also showed off A Quiet Place: Day One, and as expected the scale was much bigger than the previous movies as this deals with the invasion itself and features city-wide action scenes in Manhattan.

All of this was but the appetizer to the main course. The first look at footage from Gladiator II.

CinemaCon is notoriously difficult to get any real footage out of. The exhibitors and the attendees all have a vested interest in not leaking anything. So it is considered as being locked down tighter than a Clinton family dinner.

Descriptions, however, do leak out and the ever-reliable Dark Horizons has published a description of the footage.


According to their report, the presentation featured five minutes of unfinished footage from Ridley Scott’s sequel. It mainly showcased far more elaborate games and combat in the Colosseum including… get this… the floor being flooded and sharks entering the arena.

There were also scenes of gladiators fighting monkeys, Paul Mescal’s Lucius fighting a rhinoceros, a massive battle sequence, Pedro Pascal taking on five guys at once (sensible chuckle), and Denzel Washington bringing the good delivering dialogue.

Some of this sounds ludicrous, but I think I am ready for that!

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