Globes Host, Material, Gets Feedback

As we mentioned in our Golden Globes rundown yesterday, some of the most famous scenes in recent years involved host Ricky Gervais absolutely savaging the pompous and self-important air of Hollywood, and shots of stars nervously laughing, or staring wide-eyed in disbelief, as they encountered somebody who just didn’t care talking to them as nobody else ever had.

Gervais has hosted the Golden Globes five times – in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, and 2020. He said in 2020 he wouldn’t be doing it again as the audience now knew what to expect. This time around Comedian Jo Koy hosted the 81st running of the awards. He also took some shots but was nowhere near as savage as Gervais had been.

Maybe just as well, as it seems Hollywood, and celebrities in general, really can’t do criticism. The feedback has been quite negative.

His joke about Barbie was held to have mocked women, itself an unspeakable sin in today’s world. He also took aim at celebrity’s currently untouchable kaweeen, Taylor Swift, and this has driven her army of “Swifties” absolutely mental. How dare they mock their God!



Appearing on Good Morning America yesterday morning to the night before, Koy was open and honest about the feedback:

“It’s a tough room. It was a hard job, I’m not going to lie…I’d be lying if [I said] it doesn’t hurt. I hit a moment there where I was like, ‘Ah.’

Hosting is just a tough gig. Yes, I’m a stand-up comic but that hosting position it’s a different style. I kind of went in and did the writer’s thing. We had ten days to write this monologue. It was a crash course. I feel bad, but I got to still say I loved what I did.”

LIVE! – Sense of humor failure


The broadcast itself was successful, with 9.4 million total viewers in overnight ratings according to Nielsen. This was up 50% from the 2023 ceremony.

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