The ever-reliable Dark Horizons has found an interesting bit of intel online. DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn is now deep into pre-production on Superman: Legacy and shooting will start in the New Year for the summer 2025 release. He has shared a view from inside his production office which gives some insight into his inspiration sources.

The images he has chosen for his wall are all panels from writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale’s 1998 comic Superman for All Seasons. There are a lot of flight scenes, plus the famous elevator shaft transformation scene that was lightly adapted in Superman Returns.


Gunn had already mentioned the Absolute Edition of Superman for All Seasons has been another inspiration, saying it was:

“…one of my favorite Superman stories [and] a huge influence on Legacy ([and] a strangely perfect bookend with All-Star Superman”.

All-Star Superman revolves around Superman, who is dying due to overexposure to the Sun, as he accomplishes many heroic feats (The Twelve Labors of Superman) and attempts to make peace with the world before his imminent death. Superman For All Seasons is an anthology series with four people (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – Jonathan Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang) from Superman’s life recounting key events from Superman’s life and the impact upon them.

Gunn’s film may take inspiration from these stories, but isn’t expected to fully adapt either of them directly. The production is booked into Leavesden Studios in London early next in early Spring.

Superman: Legacy will open in cinemas on July 11th, 2025.

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