Hmmmmm. Legacy sequels. On one hand, it is always good to find out what favorite characters are up to many years later. On the other hand, they often turn out to be total dogshit. We are looking at you, Coming 2 America. So news of Happy Gilmore 2 leaves us feeling mixed.

The project is set up at Adam Sandler’s new home of Netflix. The original is something of a cult comedy classic.


It has just the right blend of absurdist humor alongside a comical twist on an underdog story, so Happy Gilmore just works.

Sandler both starred in and co-wrote the original, which was directed by Dennis Dugan. He appeared as a hockey player with rage control issues.

When his power with a stick turns out to be applicable to golf, he finds himself locked in a battle with his golfing nemesis, Shooter McGavin.

At stake? Nothing less than Grandma’s house.

The original features a wonderful comic turn from the late, great Carl Weathers in the mentor role.


The actor behind Shooter, Christopher McDonald, made reference to a potential sequel earlier this year.

Sandler is writing the sequel and the project was officially confirmed at a Netflix event yesterday.

Can Happy Gilmore 2 overcome the curse of legacy sequels? And can you have Happy Gilmore without Chubbs?

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