The director of the first, wildly acclaimed season of True Detective, Cary Joji Fukunaga then became the first ever American to direct a Bond movie for Not Time To Die. His next project is building nicely, with news that Tom Hardy and Oscar winner Mahershala Ali are in talks, and it is getting a lot of attention from potential buyers at Cannes.

Deadline reports that the project is crime thriller 77 Blackout, from Black Bear Productions.


Frank John Hughes wrote the script with Fukunaga. It is set in 1977 in New York, and five rogue cops have a plan to rob three criminal organizations – the Hong Kong Triads, the Italian Mafia, and the Harlem Mob – in one night.

When a blackout sweeps the city the night of the robbery, the crew will be forced to navigate a hellish landscape as years of being overworked and underpaid take their toll and lay bare their own morality.

Charles Roven, Madison Weireter, William Green, and Aaron Ginsburg will produce for their Atlas Entertainment and The Cut labels.

The New York City blackout of 1977 was a real event. It affected most of New York City over July 13th  and 14th. The only unaffected neighborhoods in the city were in southern Queens and nearby areas that were part of the Long Island Lighting Company system.


Unlike other blackouts that affected the region, namely the Northeast blackouts of 1965 and 2003, the 1977 blackout was confined to New York City and its immediate surrounding areas. The 1977 blackout also resulted in citywide looting and other criminal activity, including arson.

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