Harold and the Purple Crayon is a beloved children’s book and is about to become a movie. Man, the jokes running through my head are all bad, so I will do my best to be a grown-up about this.

The story follows a young lad who has a magic crayon, everything he draws comes to life. The plot of the movie is:

A young boy named Harold embarks on a magical mission with the help of his purple crayon.

A young boy likes to play with his purple crayon? I’ve never heard it called that before. Harold and the Purple Crayon stars Zachary Levi, Zooey Deschanel, Tanya Roberts, Lil’ Rel Howery, Ravi Petal, Pete Gardner, and Jermaine Clement.

Directed by Carlos Saldanha, who is known for Ice Age, Robots, Ice Age, Rio and Ferdinand.  The screenplay is by David Guion and Michael Handelman, based on the book by Crockett Johnson.

Kids’ drawings are not the best. Fine, you hang them on the fridge and lie about how proud you are, but really, if a kid’s drawings did come to life, this movie could be a horror.

Zachary Levi is not a young boy but is playing Harold. It’ll probably follow the same story as things like Hook or Christopher Robin: Kid grows up, forgets his imagination, but rediscovers it etc. Although, most boys never stop playing with their purple crayons.

Directors like Henry Selick were attached but left to make James and the Giant Peach. Then Spike Jonze, who made Where the Wild Things Are, started working on a live-action/animated version but also left. Both of those versions sounded interesting.

Harold and the Purple Crayon will be in theatres on 2nd Aug this year.

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