Hemsworth And Crowe Show LAND OF BAD

The official trailer has been released for Land Of Bad. This is the latest action thriller from production house The Avenue which features Liam Hemsworth and Russell Crowe in starring roles.

The Hemsworth that isn’t Thor stars as a rookie special forces officer who is part of an elite extraction team, whose covert operation in the South Philippines goes sideways following an ambush. Stranded deep in enemy territory, outnumbered but determined to leave no man behind, and with an air strike closing in – there seems to be little hope. It’s up to Crowe’s Air Force drone pilot Reaper to help them remotely, guiding the team out of the hostile territory where every move could be their last.

Third Hemsworth brother Luke also co-stars, along with Ricky Whittle, Milo Ventimiglia, Daniel MacPherson, and George Burgess.

Land Of Bad is R-rated, and was directed by William Eubank from a screenplay he co-wrote with David Frigerio. It was first announced at the 2022 Cannes Film Market. Filming began in September 2022, running through November 2022 in the Gold Coast, Queensland. The production took advantage of location incentives offered by the Australian government, bringing roughly 270 jobs to its local film industry. During production, Signature Entertainment purchased the distribution rights for UK-Ireland, France, and Scandinavia.

Land Of Bad

Luke Hemsworth, Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Vieira, Jack Bear Liu, Vanessa Yao Guo, Delphine Perrier and Sophie Jordan executive produce.

Land of Bad arrives in cinemas on February 16th 2024.

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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost