HIJACK Season 2?

One of the quiet, yet great shows on Apple TV+ last year was Hijack. The show unfolded in real-time, as a plane from Dubai was hijacked and had seven hours until it arrived in the UK.

Over that time, authorities had to scramble to work out what to do, as the hijackers demands started to expose political skullduggery on the ground, and connections that went higher than the British government would have wanted to become public.

Meanwhile, on board the plane, a corporate negotiator (Idris Elba) tries to martial the passengers to remain calm, while considering the possibility of success should they attempt to take back the plane. As this unfolds, a policeman on the ground in London uncovers further threats, including those to the family members of several people on board.


Archie Panjabi, Christine Adams, Max Beesley, Eve Myles, and Neil Maskell co-starred. It kept you mashing that “Next Episode” button as the tension grew, and the plot threads connected. It was great TV. However, it also ended with a conclusion that tied up everything, so a sequel seemed unlikely.

This is the world of television, though, so a second season is now being discussed with Elba set to reprise his role as corporate negotiator Sam Nelson. There are no details on how they might set up a second season, or where they will take the plot, but Elba had this to say:

“I was floored by the overwhelming audience response after season one. It’s top secret what new situation unfolds for Sam Nelson, but I can assure you we will bring the high octane back!”

The first season became only the second series on Apple TV+ to earn a spot on Nielsen’s weekly top 10 streaming chart at the time.

Elba, Kay and Field Smith, Jamie Laurenson, Hakan Kousetta, and Tom Nash will all return from season one as executive producers.

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