Spider-Man: Now Way Home was three years ago. These days, especially in the commoditized, production-line world of mega franchises like the MCU, that is an absolute age. Some people began to wonder if Tom Holland’s time in the role might have ended with the arc presented in his three movies and his various appearances in ensemble movies.

Holland himself seemed to have made some comments that were interpreted as a cooling of enthusiasm.

Either way, there was a feeling of a lack of urgency at Sony. Well, now both Morbius and Madame Web have completely cratered, there will be. In the past few days, there has been a notable uptick in news and activity within the Spider-Man camp at Sony.


A director search is underway to replace Jon Watts, who has exited after making the first two movies.

Meanwhile, at Sands International Film Festival in Scotland, Holland had an interview with Deadline where he was completely clear about his future with the franchise:

“The simple answer is that I’ll always want to do Spider-Man films. I owe my life and career to Spider-Man. So, the simple answer is yes. I’ll always want to do more.”

He also stated that this time around he has a lot more say in the creative direction of the character:

“This is the first time in this process that I’ve been part of the creative so early. It’s just a process where I’m watching and learning. It’s just a really fun stage for me. Like I said, everyone wants it to happen. But we want to make sure we’re not overdoing the same things.”

The ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home seemed to indicate that his days as a Stark-tech-driven fighter of global and galactic threats are over, and he will be focussing more on his street-level vigilantism around New York. This opens the door to encounters with Daredevil, Kingpin, and the Punisher, all of whom are now resurfacing within the MCU.

Other reports have indicated that Sony has been struggling to decide on direction, as the quasi-reset of No Way Home left them with something of a blank sheet.

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