Superman (the movie previously known as Superman: Legacy) may be primarily shooting in Atlanta, but location shooting is underway in Norway for some of the earliest scenes in the production schedule.

When the Superman logo for the movie was revealed for the first time, it had flakes of snow on it. Now we know why. A Norwegian newspaper has shared the first report from filming. VG shared an image that was just wind machines in a snow-bound location near Svalbard.


What is interesting is that the report confirms that the first scenes filmed for the movie were here, and cover a scene when Superman flees to the Fortress Of Solitude.

Back away from the location shoot, Nicholas Hoult was talking to a podcast about his interpretation of Lex Luthor now he has revealed his bald look for the movie. What makes this interesting is that it was Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast.

Rosenbaum played Lex Luthor in Smallville and his portrayal was always a firm favorite with fans. So there could be good news. When asked which portrayal of Luthor had the biggest impact on his approach this time around, Hoult responded:

“I grew up. I think the first ever Lex I saw was you. Yeah, I grew up when Smallville was on, I can’t remember if it was Channel 4 or Channel 5 in the UK, but like growing up. I was like 11, 12, I guess.

So that was like the show that I would watch and see my first iterations of Superman and Lex and all those stories. Since I’ve seen Richard Donner’s movies and all the other ones and kind of seen some of the other performances, but you’re like the one. I love [your portrayal], it’s the best.

You inhabit him with such depth and charm. And then, yeah, that ability to switch, which makes him dangerous and formidable and a great opponent. I just loved what you did.”

So will we finally get the calm, cold, calculating Luthor over the perhaps more comedic, or excitable, approaches we have sometimes seen in the past? Another favorite portrayal was the Clancy Brown voiced version from the Animated Series. These were both the industrialist and tactician Luthor rather than the reclusive master criminal in hiding from the first movies.


AI-generated fan art from Reddit of Hoult as Luthor


Shooting will continue across the middle of this year before post-production ahead of the summer 2025 release date.

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