As Outposters understand, streaming can be a brutal place. No waiting for the Neilsen ratings to catch up, no shows being placed “on the bubble”, no sweeps week miracles. The data is available in real-time and if your show doesn’t clear the hurdle bar then it is gone. Even worse, with residuals due to creatives and talent based on views, if its existence on the platform isn’t enough to drive any subscribers then its a loss maker, and it can get cut altogether. Ripped from the platform. Hulu’s How I Met Your Father isn’t stripped yet, but it is canned. Variety has reported on this.

“Hello, central casting… well, maybe just a little brown…”


Stripped and canned. Sounds like a Russ Meyer flick!

The Hilary Duff-led How I Met Your Mother spin-off has been canceled after two seasons at the streamer. The second season of the show wrapped on July 11th without revealing who Duff’s character, Sophie, ended up having a child with. Thirty episodes and no resolution? This is worse than when they canceled Knight Rider!

As with the first show, the series is based on the premise that it is a parent telling their children how they met their other parent. As this is current year, perhaps we should be grateful it wasn’t How Daddy Met Your Father or How Your Mummy Used To Be Called Frank. Also in common with the original show, it features a Friends-lite group post-college but pre-family figuring out life. It was directly tied to How I Met Your Mother, existing in the same world with cameos from Neil Patrick Harris’ character Barney Stinson and Cobie Smulders’ Robin Scherbatsky.

Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, Suraj Sharma, Daniel Augustin, Ashley Reyes, and Josh Peck rounded out the cast with Kim Cattrall playing the 58-year-old future version of Sophie.

This Is Us showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger created the series and executive produced alongside original producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Pamela Fryman, Adam Londy, and Suzy Mamann Greenberg also produced.

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